New Spotify Playlist! FOCUS Rap

Check out our latest Spotify Playlist! We call this one the FOCUS Rap workout playlist, which is full of our favourite motivational rap tunes to work out to. Don't forget to follow us and our playlists on Spotify!

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500 Calorie Daily Burnout update!

My 500 calorie burnout is certainly a challenge which I have a real love hate relationship for now. My times in general are getting better, but I am having to push harder and faster - staying consistent but increasing the intensity with every bit of determination I...

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500 Calorie Challenge! Day 1

If you're on my mailing list then you will already know that I am doing a little a research into how sustainable it is to perform an exercise session which burns 500 calories in the shortest time possible, every single day for 30 days. My session will consist of...

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What is a Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement?

Ever noticed how many of the supplements are packaging their products so that they appear more...medical? The packaging is in all white with hints of green or blue, has a medical name, and will often use the term 'Pharmaceutical Grade' (if the packaging doesn't then...

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Alkaline diets. Marketing fad or the real deal?

This week I want to rant about alkaline and acidic diets, and what this means for our health. Many of you will likely know what I mean when I use the terms 'alkaline diet' or 'acidic diet', but for those who are yet to come across this celebrity diet fad, often called...

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Comfort Eating. Why do we do it?

I'm not in any way a psychologist, nor do I have any skills in re-wiring peoples behavioural patterns, but I do read a lot about food and marketing. The scary fact is that brands create food to make us addicted to more cheap and low quality food. Brands will literally...

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Why are low carb diets bad for you?

My title is a bit misleading as there has not been any research into the long term effects of low/no carb diets in humans (just rats, as far as I'm aware). It is my personal opinion and experience that a low/no carb diet is pretty horrible and certainly not enjoyable...

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7 Ways to cure a Sugar Addiction

Let's get one thing straight. Sugar can only cause you to put on weight if you are eating more calories than you are burning. Fact. It doesn't matter what form it comes in. If you eat more calories than you burn then you will put on weight.   My concern, which...

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