“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin” – Tony Robbins

We want to encourage you to make a decision to start your training, even if it seems impossible right now.
Our beginner’s training is for anyone who would describe themselves as one or more of the following:

  • Physically inactive for longer than 1 year, or exercising less than once a week.
  • Never been the sporty type or keen on gyms, exercises classes, or had much interest in physical activity.
  • Unfamiliar with gyms or exercise equipment but would like to learn and become confident with both.
  • Unsure about how to approach nutrition and calorie targets.
  • Suffering from poor posture (often suffering from a lordotic or kyphotic spine), or having weak core strength.
  • Suffering from limited mobility and stiffness in certain joints (particularly hips or shoulders).
  • Experiencing pain when running or when performing certain movements.

If you describe yourself with any of the statements above then give us a call. The hardest part is always going to be taking that leap and making the decision to speak to someone. If you decide we’re the right Personal Trainers for you then rest assured we’ll do everything possible to make your life changing decision as easy and simple.





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For our beginners we take the approach that you are completely new to exercise, nutrition, and goal setting.

We focus on teaching and training you in the basics of resistance (bodyweight and weights equipment exercises), cardiovascular, and mobility exercises. We’ll also teach about nutritional guidance, sleep and recovery, and goal setting. For each of these we will give you small strategies and approaches which will make a huge difference.

If you find you are constantly craving sweet or savoury foods then don’t worry, we have a strategy for that. Constantly tired? We have strategies for that too. Struggle with motivation? We know how to overcome that too!

Your goals integrated into a unique beginners training programme

All our programmes are written in 12 week blocks at a time, so over the 12 weeks we’ll slowly increase the intensity of your training sessions, and increase the difficulty of the challenges. This will keep your training varied, challenging, and allow you to constantly improve.

Your training programme will also be unique to you because we will integrate your goals into our beginners training aims. Your goals will be central to your training and we will perform regular assessments to make sure you stay on track with achieving your goals.

What you'll get with us


Flexible Training Times

Training from 4 a.m. til 10 p.m.

We train our clients as early as 4 a.m and as late as 10 p.m! We always look to create a training schedule around your work day and other commitments.

Fitness Challenges

A fun way to monitor your progress

We have 15 Fitness Challenges to test your ability. You will have the chance to perform our fitness challenges twice so you can see how your fitness has improved.

Private Studio

Train in a private space

Many of our clients come to us feeling uncomfortable about using a busy gym. You'll receive your training in a safe and supportive environment at our private studio.

Free Stuff

You'll receive a few freebies too!

You'll receive a free water bottle to help you fulfil your water intake targets, a pair of weight training gloves, and a gym diary to help you track your progress.

Health Assessments

Health Assessments every 4 weeks

We'll track your progress using Health Assessments, including:
- Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
- Lung functionality (PEFR) and VO2 Max
- Waist, hip, and neck measurements
- Weight and Body fat percentage
- BMI (Body Mass Index)

Your Health Assessment will tell you:
- Your max daily calorie intake for losing 1Ib of fat per week
- Your optimum Heart Rate for improving cardiovascular fitness
- Your required protein intake for muscle growth



St Albans Personal Training Testimonials

"I would definitely recommend Dan to others, each session is a great workout and he pushes me much more than I would push myself in the gym which is exactly what I need."

St Albans Personal Training   I have been training with Dan for just over two years now. I had a couple of objectives when I started, one was to lose weight and the other was to build strength to help improve my half-marathon running...   St Albans Personal Training


- George Williams - StAPT PT Client and StAthlete

St Albans Personal Training Testimonials

"I would recommend Dan to everyone and anyone who needs support whether it's a little or a lot he will get you to that desired place."

St Albans Personal Training   I have always struggled when it comes to being healthy in all aspects from self confidence to having the knowledge required to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This is when I reached out to Dan...   St Albans Personal Training


- Rachel Goding - StAPT PT Client and StAthlete

St Albans Personal Training Testimonials

"Dan's holistic approach suits me perfectly and I love the supportive atmosphere of the class which caters for all abilities."

St Albans Personal Training   I can't speak highly enough of Dan's Bootcamp sessions. I'm a runner who was looking for a new challenge and to add some variety to my workouts. Dan's holistic approach suits me perfectly and I love...   St Albans Personal Training


- Karen Willis - StAPT Free Bootcamp Athlete

St Albans Personal Training Testimonials

"All of Dan's workouts are well thought through, completely personalised and will get the results you asked for."

St Albans Personal Training   Shortly after starting to work with StAPT, I realised that Dan offers much more than just what you would expect from personal training. From the first session on, Dan not only had me do exercises' but I was actually taught about...   St Albans Personal Training


- Jens Krebs - StAPT PT Client and StAthlete

"I felt the benefit of the work I did with Dan almost immediately and after just a few sessions he equipped me with the tools and knowledge to plan my own workouts"

St Albans Personal Training   After neglecting physical exercise for around 5 years I decided it was time to get back in shape and was looking for guidance. Dan was great at understanding what it was I wanted to achieve, and...   St Albans Personal Training


- James Hearn - StAPT PT Client and StAthlete

"It’s helped rejuvenate my motivation for improving and maintaining my fitness and Dan’s in-depth knowledge and advice is excellent."

St Albans Personal Training   Working indoors meant that I’d completely lost interest in going to the gym. Why workout inside when you can do it outside for free and breath fresh air? Dan’s Bootcamp is a great way to...   St Albans Personal Training


- Stuart Brooks, MD of St Albans based PR Consultancy, Blackbird Communications - StAPT Free Bootcamp Athlete

“Dan gave me a technical session in Calisthenics. I was really impressed.”

St Albans Personal Training   Dan gave me a technical session in Calisthenics. I was really impressed. I go to the gym regularly but this really took things to a whole new level. I'm hooked and will be doing Dan's programme from now on.   St Albans Personal Training


- Ben Davies - StAPT PT Client and StAthlete

“Dan portrays his knowledge by not only delivering fantastic sessions that keep members returning, but he shares new ideas to help people achieve their goals.”

St Albans Personal Training   I’ve been attending StAPT’s free Bootcamp since July 2014 and I absolutely love it! Dan oozes knowledge about health and fitness, and every week has something different! Each Saturday brings a...  St Albans Personal Training


- Laura Wade - StAPT Free Bootcamp Athlete

“During the session, we do a whole range of different exercises which are fun to do as they are often incorporated into games and teamwork.”

St Albans Personal Training  I first joined the StAPT Free Bootcamp in September after having recently moved into the area. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I didn’t know anyone but I soon felt at ease as Dan was very welcoming and everyone...  St Albans Personal Training


- Abigail Jefferries - StAPT Free Bootcamp Athlete

“Dan is a great personal trainer and he would definitely be my ‘go to’ person when I decide to properly throw myself into fitness.”

St Albans Personal Training   I started going to the free Saturday morning bootcamp in Highfield Park in July 2014 having heard about it through a Facebook group. Initially I presumed that the Bootcamp would involve lots...   St Albans Personal Training


- Alice Sheen - StAPT Free Bootcamp Athlete

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This week I want to rant about alkaline and acidic diets, and what this means for our health. Many of you will likely know what I mean when I use the terms 'alkaline diet' or 'acidic diet', but for those who are yet to come across this celebrity diet fad, often called...

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Give us a call or email us using the contact form. We want to hear all about your training goals and help you by answering any questions you have. You will receive a free 1-hour training session where you can try us out and see if we're the right personal trainers for you.

Even if you decide we are not the Personal Trainers for you we'll happily give you some great advice to help you achieve your goals.

Phone: 07871 418 655

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